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Sorry -again!


I know I’ve been seriously bad at blogging!

A lot’s been going on. Life it self is always turmoil, on top of that I’ve started studying ūüėÄ ¬†That’s a good thing though, but time consuming obviously. I’m still doing my other course on top of that, and there’s MiniMe and all her activities and normal daily stuff. But anyways here I am now.

Dieting and exercise it’s been kinda up and down with, still not reaching the goals but I am losing weight. Down to 56,4 Kg so not too bad.

Going away on holiday Friday next week. I’ll be gone for ten days. It’ll be difficult to keep a diet and there will be no gym or access to scales even. I guess I’ll have to get out moving a lot! When I come back home I’ll have 5 days to get into gear for Goal 3.


Now the study is staring me in the face screaming: Deadline at midnight!

So I guess I better get going ¬†ūüėģ

Take it easy! ¬†(- but don’t be lazy!)


Toodiloo for now!




First goal is a FAIL! Sucks, but just have to dust off and catch up, right?

My 4 week goal was to weigh 57 Kg, I weigh 59,5 Kg still. Admittedly everything’s been upside down and not gone according to plan at all (does it ever?), but I’m trying not to get discouraged and will try to work (even) harder to reach goal 2 in 4 weeks time instead.

“I will be a Unicorn”


 Рmy new mantra! =P


I did go gym. I did about half hours walk on the treadmill. When i started upping the pace my sciatic nerve started playing up so i slowed down again for a bit and then tried again, but going straight into run. Worked shortly but it wasn’t good. Also knee felt all wobbly today. I moved on to some strength training but it all felt uninspired to be honest.

All in all about an hours training but didn’t really make me feel good to be honest. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I have a class booked at lunch – it’s called Grit Plyo, have never done it before, but it’s a Les Mills Program so should be good ūüėÄ

Oh shit…just looked at this video -definitely not something for me! Stepboxes are not something me knee agrees with ¬†=(

What a bummer! OK then I guess it’s free training on the schedule for tomorrow then…


Getting better

Life seems to be getting a bit better; at least I managed to stop the crash landing in depression-town. Sleep isn’t too good at the moment though. But I’m on the up as opposed to smashing down -which is always a start =)

Gym has obviously been affected by all this and , I think I mentioned before, that I had some trouble getting there for a week or so. I didn’t go yesterday but I did do a Core class at lunchtime on Monday and also the evening before! Could feel it for sure!

Gonna try to drag myself to the gym later this afternoon too, but today for individual training.

I don’t know if people have noticed but I publish the body stats under the Challenge page; the sub-pages ¬†“New Year New Me Challenge” (as well as the old Summer Challenge) shows when cursor is on tab. Point (not click!) on the NYNM Challenge Page and it’s own sub-pages will appear too ( Goal, Plan, and Body Stats pages).


I have to admit though, I’m finding it difficult to keep up the shakes now after I introduced one meal :/ Which isn’t got for the metabolism, I know…. I try, but have always found it difficult to eat several times a day.

I’m thinking of throwing in a week’s hardcore training to be followed by a week’s rest + shake only again. That week where everything crashed messed up everything =(

My training weeks starts on a Friday (just because that’s when I had my first PT-meeting and it’s where I count from), and I’ve trained Friday (5 Km walk + 1 Km run on treadmill + PT + cycle) , Sunday (Core class) and Monday (Core class) so far, so maybe if I keep it up this week I can actually call this the hardcore week?
Question is; how much? How much (more) is needed to make it a “hardcore week”, and how much should you still do on a “rest week”? I’m already behind on my set amounts at gym…


OK it helps if you actually PUBLISH the thing too! **5 hours later **


The Effect of Personality Type on Training

Personality types have a bearing on what kind of training appeals to you.

I took a test and this is the result:





The Trekker 

РIndependent and disciplined 

Technology scares not a trekker – always hard and monotonous work.

Additionally, you are independent and have high demands on yourself.

Personality: You are reliable and insightful. Logical and detail oriented as you are,  you work best in a structured environment where you always perform your duties with care.

Fitness: The trekker prefer the freedom it means to practice alone before the teamsports social side. You have great self-discipline and requires many hours of training by yourself. To get in good shape, do long bike rides, preferably uphill. If you are strength training plans are required, in eg bodybuilding so you can constantly monitor your progress, your and results. Regarding flexibility you prefer exercises at home on the floor.

Peak: The trekker is a real night owl, so it has its energy peak late in the evening. You might as well not bother to try to get up in the morning for that run. Instead, try to schedule your workouts in the evening when it is not crowded at the gym.

Training Opportunities

CONDITIONING: Karate, road cycling, long distance running, swimming

STRENGTH: Weight Training in the gym or at home

AGILITY: Stretches, yoga, pilates – can be done at home


Most of this is actually correct! Apart from the self-discipline -that i have NONE of! Oh and the fact that i don’t trek! *lol*

Maybe should start though -can’t really see the opportunity for it though.




Hippopotamus or Unicorn?



Hiya guys!

Sorry I’ve been so bad at posting but life has been utter chaos around here lately.

I have introduced food again since last time I posted. 1 meal a day. Actually I think it makes it more difficult. It makes me full and i forget about the shakes so it all get’s a bit imbalanced.

There was no gym at all for a week but yesterday I had my second PT-meeting and we refined the exercises a bit. Weight loss is slowing down but although I’d rather it still go steadily down (read fast) I’m not too worried about it.

Once I reach 55 kg it’s time to start training seriously again, but I have learned my lesson; I build muscle really easy, but I can’t really lose all that much fat at the same time, so losing the fat is now priority and the muscle will come as step 2. That will come quickly once I start anyways. For now the exercise is concentrating on stabilization and balance. I have a really bad knee (both are bad but one spontaneously dislocates) so we’re focusing on stabilizing up the joints by working with strengthening the small stabilizing muscles that supports them, mainly the glutes (for the knees) and shoulders.

I’m really weird, I can run on the treadmill but my knees really don’t like the elliptical machines that are supposed to be so easy on them. So lately I’ve walked and run a lot (running it fits so to speak) both on treadmill and outdoors (mostly outdoors lately as I’ve not been gym so much). At the gym I’ve also worked on the balance board -which has improved greatly very quickly!

Oh and yesterday we added squats (over box) to the schedule. 

Let’s hope life will let me keep up momentum now!



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